Red-Carpet and On-set Jewelry -Dorian Brown Pham

Aug 04, 20

Red-Carpet and On-set Jewelry -Dorian Brown Pham

Hi! I thought I'd gather some images of me on set or on the red carpet. It's interesting to see the pieces of jewelry I chose for each red carpet event or character. It's obvious I like to keep things simple but I wish I had more extravagant and fun pieces, especially for the red carpet/press events. Some of my favorites were at ComicCon. That's a great place to try new things. Here are some of my favorites from the past. 

Above: This was from the set of an Old Navy commercial I shot with Busy Phillips. The stylists on this shoot were some of the best I've ever worked with. I only remember their names because I started following them on instagram @andamasha Anda + Masha.  For jewelry, I wore these beautiful hoops and a simple statement necklace. 

A press event for WILFRED. I love my delicate chocolate squared necklace.

This was for a press event for WILFRED. I wore one of my own favorite pieces. A simple chocolate square necklace.

I LOVED this ring I got to borrow for ComicCon. And, of course, the bangles. 

I borrowed these earrings with the help of one of my good friends, stylist @revivalstyling. We met on the set of RUNNING WILD.

A closeup of the ring and bangles Val borrowed for me and my own clutch, which I love. 

I believe this was from the set of NCIS:New Orleans. And I'm guessing this because of the band-aid on the arm ... lol.

I loved this choice for Stella, my character on RUNNING WILD. She came from money and was recently stripped of it all and forced to climb her way out of debt on her own. I believe this scene was still at the beginning when my character was still in denial about how deep in debt I was. Still sticking to some bling. Fun note: this movie also starred Sharon Stone, Tommy Flanagan and Jason Lewis.

This is an oldie, from a press shoot from ROOMMATES. The belt makes me giggle. I met some of my best friends on the planet from this show.

This was from my first red carpet event! I borrowed the earrings, jeans and sweater from the wardrobe department of ROOMMATES. I was so nervous. But I still love these earrings. 

This was from the set of WILFRED. My character was pregnant and going through an identity crisis. A bohemian identity crisis. 

I love this pic. This was from a press event for WILFRED. A couple fun things about this image. My ring, I'm sure I borrowed, is fantastic. This pink dress on Fiona Gubelmann is to die for. This was a taped interview and the camera guy is now one of our very best friends. We later met when our kids were in the same preschool. His very talented wife is now my writing partner!

Ohhhh ROOMMATES. Look at Tamera ... I just love that woman. But look at this vest?! Not sure about this choice; however, it was over 10 years ago now so I'll let it slide. I do love this necklace and bangle selection though. Tamera has some great layering going on.

Keeping it simple for a press event. I believe this was an FX event. Using my own earrings for this one. Can't go wrong with pearls. Ever.

Sorry this is blurry. I ABSOLUTELY love this necklace. This is mine and it was my first big red carpet event for WILFRED. And I was hiding a pregnancy. So, I dressed myself. I wish I could find a closer and clearer image of this necklace, it's simply beautiful.

This was from a show called BENT. I was playing a doppelganger of Amanda Peet's character. I think the episode was even called DOPPELGANGER? Either way, I really love this layered necklace piece. Not sure if this was multiple necklaces or one.

This was a premiere for SONS OF ANARCHY. Im wearing my Tory Burch necklace and some other necklace I paired with it. If i had my ear cuffs then, I would've definitely added a row of them for this event.