Jewelry Monthly Subscription Box

Do you really need the items in the monthly subscription boxes? Can you tell apart the chemical reactions your body gets when you open the gift vs. the actual importance of the gift?

Many subscription boxes offer fun treats and samples that may soon become a financial strain and source of clutter in your home. However, they may save you a trip to the city and a frantic last-minute online order for an important event. Be honest with yourself, and don't sign on to every subscription box that triggers your adrenaline rush. 

Subscription boxes are increasingly popular and induce the right feelings of worth because the items are handpicked. The correct variety of jewelry lies in the importance they add to your life. The following factors clarify the lines between wants and needs.

Reasons to choose our monthly jewelry subscription box.


Dorian Rae charges $35 for its monthly box. Each piece in the box has a unique style that makes it a pleasurable personal possession or gift. The sum amount of using subscription boxes always outbalances the amount you would spend shipping out the same products every month. You can choose the subscription boxes if you want to keep up with trends without losing all your money every month.


Our store personalizes every box by selecting quality items that satisfy every customer. The best subscription box services use your previous pickings to find the most popular style for upcoming packages.


Not only does our jewelry monthly subscription box have thousands of offers for future orders, we also have several different types of jewelry. Some of these pieces include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. They have different materials, such as pearl, gold, silver, rose gold and can be classic, dull, or quirky with undeniable appeal.

Customer service

Our customer service has the dedication to offer superior service because we delight in the passion of jewelry. You can easily reach us through social media, or the contact data on the official site. Any feedback you give will also get prompt attention so we can improve your next selection and delivery.

Friendly shipping policies

What is the box’s subscription box policy? You can be stuck with unfavorable items if you cannot find a way of returning them to the store. Check the details of all items and whether the store is open to taking back faulty jewelry. Our store has a transparent return policy but advises clients to gift items that may not match their style. This case is because our diverse assortment of jewelry will likely meet your expectations more times than it disappoints.

Cancellation policy?

A subscription box is never a good deal if you cannot cancel the membership as quickly as you made it. Check whether the store allows an online cancellation or requires you to call the office. Many sites automatically renew your website every month and will continue sending items and deducting your card until you call off the service.

Our jewelry monthly subscription box is friendly and heavily biased towards the clients. Check out our service and join as a member through the official site.