Subscription Jewelry Boxes

Are you aiming to start a jewelry collection with a monthly subscription box? You should only choose high-quality products that are not necessarily expensive but are worth the cost. Studies indicate that people still invest in high-quality jewelry because they find value in their long-term purpose. What makes the best subscription jewelry?

Basic of jewelry on Dorian Lae Line

One thing to remember is that different stores have different collections of jewelry. Consider the following categories while choosing our store to supply your monthly jewelry desire.

  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Ring
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants

One thing to keep in mind is that you can build a complete jewelry collection from the above choices. All high-quality jewelry follow these traits.

Qualities of high-quality subscription jewelry boxes


Some stones are hard to break and can survive centuries with minimal wear and tear. You cannot expect this amount of durability from cheap jewelry because they can snap with the lightest pressure. The prongs that hold this jewelry may also bend easy and break with regular use.

Our pieces have original materials that withstand the test of time and regular use. You will get your money’s worth by paying $35 for the smallest subscription box, or $350 for the more comprehensive package.


One sensible thing about jewelry is that it often costs as much as it looks. Low-quality pieces will lack the sheen and strength that constitutes a high-end piece. The cheap pieces will not pair well with fashionable clothes, and instead, they will look tedious and drab.

We have quality pieces with distinct colors, weight, and clarity. You can wear our jewelry at a high-end event, and pair them with recent fashion, shoes, and hairstyles while maintaining a professional and natural appeal.


Studies indicate that half of all women buy jewelry as a form of a gift or treat for themselves. 30% wait for the holidays to purchase dresses while the others wait for discount codes during festive seasons. The best facilitator for gifting is a store that has a gifting service. Take a moment to browse our gifting process and how they can benefit you and other recipients.

Maintenance fee

You will always have to go to the jewelry repair store for minor repairs or polishing. The total amount you spend on maintenance should never exceed half of the item’s price for every piece. The average cost of maintaining your jewelry will be minimal when you have high-quality metal and alloys that are easy to sustain.


Right jewelry makes you fashionable with an air of elegance and should help you feel clean, powerful, and elegant. Therefore, choose pieces with shapes that are practical for your lifestyle. These may be simple pearl studs or thin single-strand earrings. These high-quality essentials achieve the same effect as the most top qualities of jewelry and without depleting your monthly expenses.

Do not waste another dollar on cheap jewelry that will fade and wear over time. Check out our wide selection of jewelry essentials, and let us help you build a collection that you can as well pass down to your children.